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2019 Spring/Summer Select Teams


UPDATED Tryout Schedule (revised 2/13):

4th Grade: Sunday, Feb. 17 from 1:15-2:15pm at Ballard Boys and Girls Club

5th Grade:   Wednesday, Feb. 13 from 5:30-6:30pm at Emmanuel Church and Sunday, Feb 17 from 2:15-3:15pm at Ballard Boys and Girls Club

6th Grade: Wednesday, Feb. 13 from 6:30-7:30pm atEmmanuel Church and Sunday, Feb. 17 from 3:15-4:15pm at Ballard Boys and Girls Club

7th Grade:  Wednesday, Feb. 13 from 7:30-8:30pm at Emmanuel

High School: Sunday, March 3 from 4:30-6:30pm at Ballard HS


Teams made by Feb 20 (except high school teams made by March 7)



If you make a team, you are guaranteed a spot for the Spring/Summer season.

Teams will hold 10 players on the game roster and 2-3 practice players who may be offered game time if a spot becomes available.  We try to select players for a balanced, even roster and aim to play everyone fairly equally, but we also have a 1 quarter minimum playing time rule. If your daughter is getting the 1 quarter minimum, we will talk to you about our reasoning. 

While we want players to play multiple sports, we do require a steady practice commitment to be able to compete in local tournaments and build team momentum. Select team members may only have 5 unplanned practice absences per season.  

If the select team commitment is too much for your daughter,  we do offer Sunday scrimmages and training. 

While our players tend to draw mostly from the Ballard-area (due to our Ballard practice locations), we won't turn a player away if they are a good fit for the team but live outside of Ballard. 

This Spring/Summer, we are please to continue our partnership with VICE ATHLETICS (formerly 3D Total Health) who will offer a sports performance and injury prevention program to our athletes. Each athlete can attend one AMPT session/week at the time slot that works best for them. Check them out here. This program is included in the price of your team fee.

New players or players who have out-grown their uniforms may purchase them for $50 on the registration link.  

Below is the commitment for each of the teams:  

  • 4th Team - 1 practice/week, 1 AMPT session/week and Spring Sno-King Youth Club League. (Optional Summer Season)-Coach TBD
  • 5th Team- 2 practices/week, 1 AMPT session/week and 5 tournaments (3-5 games each) through mid-July- Coach Sara Wetstone
  • 6th Team- 2 practices/week, 1 AMPT session/week and 5 tournaments (3-5 games each) through mid-July- Coach Michelle Gallagher
  • 6th/7th Team- 1 practice/week, 1 AMPT session/week and Spring Sno-King Youth Club League. (Optional Summer Season)  - Coaches Caitlin Heinly and Nakaira Petty
  • 7th Team- 2 practices/week, 1 AMPT session/week and 5 tournaments (3-5 games each) through mid-July- Coach Taylor Mulberg
  • 9th Team- 1 long practice/week, 1 training/week and 5 tournaments (3-5 games each) through mid-July -  Coach Taylor Mulberg 
  • 10th & Up Team -1 long practice/week, , 1 training/week and 5  tournaments (3-5 games each)- Coach Taylor Mulberg

Most Spring/Summer team fees will be $1280/game player or $800/practice player.   Payment plans and partial scholarship available.

Gym Addresses:

Emmanuel Church: 503 N 50th St. (Entrance on 49th and Dayton)

Ballard Boys & Girls Club: 1767 NW 64th St 

Small Faces: 92nd and 14th Ave NW

Tips for Parents and Players: 

Tryouts are designed to help find the right fit for each player and team. Through a series of drills and games, we will be looking for the following skills, decision-making and attitudes:

Ball handling, passing, defense, rebounding, scoring,  timing and spacing, toughness, aggressiveness, focus, awareness, coach-ability, and communication.

If a player does not make a team, she will have the option on playing in our Sunday Scrimmages and Training Series. 

If you have any questions, please contact club director Sara:

8th Grade Best of the West Champs

8th Grade Best of the West Champs

6th Grade Team

6th Grade Yakima Best of the West Tourney

7th Grade Guffey Champions

4th Grade Puget Sound Cascade Travel League - Silver Division Champions

6th Grade Guffey Champions

8th Grade River Classic Champions

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